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Thread: vPoints, vBux, Shopping, and Clothes

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vPoints, vBux, Shopping, and Clothes
Posted: Mar 11, 2009 4:24 PM
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What are vPoints?

vPoints are virtual currency you can earn by hanging out and participating in vSide. The more time you spend in vSide, the more vPoints you will earn! With vPoints you can buy hot new clothes and accessories for your avatar, and pimp out or upgrade your vSide apartment. vPoint prices change often, so be sure to snag a deal when you see one.

How do I get vPoints?

Earn vPoints by exploring and spending time in vSide, rating music, updating your vSide profile, and much more. Have you found all the ways to get vPoints?

vPoints are also given away at official in-world parties including dance competitions, radio shows, and STAFF events. Check out the vSide Events Calendar, the Official Events Forum and the User Hosted Events Forum for the latest info about events on vSide.

Can I lose vPoints?

Yes. You can lose vPoints in vSide by being suspended or banned for breaking the vSide Terms of Use or vSide House Rules.

What are vBux and how do I get them?

vBux are vSide's virtually currency that you can buy. You earn vPoints, but you buy vBux. Some items in vSide are only available with vBux, so stock up today.

You can get all the vBux you need with your authorized Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or buy with cash with vBux By Mail. There are a range of prices available starting at $5. The more vBux you buy, the more vBux you get per dollar! For more info, click here. To buy vBux now, click here.

Where can I go shopping for clothes, accessories, and furniture?

There are lots of shops and boutiques on vSide to satisfy your shopping jones! While inside a store, press the Shop button on your button bar or hit F5 to view and purchase items for sale in each shop. To quickly get to any shop in vSide, press the Go button on your button bar and then select the Map tab to see all destinations on vSide..

To buy more furniture and accessories for your apartment, press the Space button on your vSide button bar while you are in your apartment, and then select Shop. More info about apartment furniture and accessory shopping is on the Apartments FAQ.

Is there a way to search or filter in my closet?

Yes. Shoppaholic vSiders have lots of clothes in their closet. Sometimes it's hard to find what you want. Similarly, some stores have so many items that scrolling becomes a pain. Use the Filter option to search for a keyword in the short and long description of the item as well as the category and brand. The closet will only show items that match the filter.

For example:
  • filter for: red to only display red items
  • filter for a certain vSider's username in vHD to only display his or her items (e.g. eglosh)

I've heard that some items expire. Is this true?

Yes. Certain items like costumes, props, make-ups, and styles don't last forever. You can tell an expiring item by the watch icon in the shopping interface.

I can't find hats – where are they?

Hats don't show up in shops in the default view; you have to select "Hair" in the "Items" drop-down menu ("All Items" selected by default). Once you've purchased a hat, you can find it in the "Hair" section of the Closet's "Body" tab. It shows up by default.

Can I make my own clothes in vSide?

Yes. There is a store in LGA called vSide House of Designs. vHD is where all vSider Clothes are available. For more information on vHD and how to make your own clothes, check out the vHD Forum.

Can I get paid for designing clothes?

Yes. Info on all that and more is right here.

Do I have to sent my designs in by a certain time to get them reviewed before the next release?

Yes. You can find the latest vHD deadline here.

Can I give/gift vPoints/vBux to my friends?

Yes. You can right-click > Give vCurrency on someone's avatar to give them vPoints/vBux. You can charge admission to your club, give someone a tip for a drink, or just gift for the sake of giving. The are daily limits in place on how much you can give/receive.

I had a problem with a vBux transaction. What do I do?

For help with vBux transactions, open a support request at http://www.vside.com/go/issue

Anything else I should know about vBux and vBux-related policies?

Definitely. Make sure you read the vBux section of the vSide TOU. Specifically, you need to know this:
All purchases of vBux are final. You cannot get your money back if you purchase vBux. If you are under the age of 18 and purchasing vBux using your parent's credit card, by purchasing vBux, you are telling us that you have permission to buy vBux. If you are purchasing vBux by PayPal you are telling us that you are the owner of the PayPal account you are using.
and this:
Any vBux you buy are not refundable and may not be redeemed for cash or funds in your account. Prices do not include sales or use taxes. Any sales or use taxes will be calculated at the time of purchase. Any sale will be governed by the laws of California and San Francisco County. vSide reserves the right to take back vBux or any goods or services exchanged for vBux if we or our card processor determine that you have not paid for such vBux, goods or services or otherwise reverse the charges. vSide reserves the right to suspend, terminate or take other actions relating to your account for your failure to pay for vBux. vBux that you purchase must be used within one year of purchase. Remember, just because you buy vBux does not exempt you from following the TOU. You can still be suspended or banned from the Environment for failing to abide by the TOU. If you get permanently banned, you will lose all your vBux and virtual goods and/or services in the process.